My Name is Tibak

I'm Julien Vandanjon, or Tibak, a professional Art & Press photographer and Designer working in Brussels. Who inherited from my Island of Origin, Reunion in South Indian Ocean, a peculiar attraction for vivid colors, graphic monochromes, and a phantasmagoric point of view of world places and people who populate it.

I create between, and sometimes during, periods of digital technical advisory for corporations and universities. True Photography can be highly technical, almost engineering, but I think a good picture happens when nobody see the amount of work behind, and just enjoy the result… When Art speaks by itself, shadowing the artist. Even if I made exhibitions, I am not  regularly followed by art galleries or a specific curator, probably because I moved a lot all around the globe the past 20 years. I answer to every question or request, so don’t be shy and leave a message if you want to talk.